Let's find you a new home

Finding and renting an apartment does not have to be difficult. Rentpal let's you easily find and rent your new home.


Renting made easy

We made you some tools that make renting a house feel like breeze

  • Search & applyFind your dream house and easily apply as a tenant.
  • E-signingNo physical contracts. We do everything digitally.
  • Direct debitPay, rent through direct debit, no manual wiring involved.
  • ConnectedChat directly with your landlord when you need something.

Renting will never be the same again

We've made sure our platform supports countless of integrations that allow you to:

  • Pay your rent with 1 click
  • Digital signing of documents
  • Digital keys for easy access (coming)
  • Repairs requests (coming)
  • Many more...

Lots of different properties surely one that fits your taste

We have over 2000 people living in a property managed through Rentpal. They are able to maintain smooth communication with their landlord.